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Welcome To i-Linc Technologies, Inc.
 i-Linc Technologies, Inc.  ("i-LINC")  is a growing Atlanta, GA based company providing turn-key solutions in GPS, RFID, Smart Sensors, Wireless, Mesh Networking, and Internet based decision support software for efficient management of resources.  i-LINC's open-architecture, flexible, and scalable portal solutions provide the information necessary to help make intelligent decisions for tracking of assets, theft prevention, yield improvement, and resource savings; and allow scheduling and control of resources remotely via its patent pending Internet portal solutions.

i-LINC's current Internet based portal solutions include:

  • TrackLincTM - The Asset Tracking and Management Solution, and 
  • FarmLinc® - The Farm Resource Management Solution  
TrackLinc, and FarmLinc® solutions provide real-time asset tracking and efficient management of resources in real-time, via the Internet based desktop computer or a smart phone such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or a Windows Phone. We also provide instant weather information via the portals for real-time rain events, wind speed, direction, relative humidity, temperature and air pressure at any customer location.  
Major benefits of i-LINC's portal solutions are:  
  •  Real-time knowledge of assets 24x7!
  • Real-time information of key data from multiple locations
  •  Energy savings by optimized irrigation and not over watering
  • Better planning with actual real-time data and history
  • Increased production with better quality 
  • Multiple locations managed through single web based user interface
  • Real-time video from field locations for better security & information  
  • Real-time monitoring via Internet from multiple locations  


 "Manage Resources Efficiently and Increase Productivity


with i-LINC's Turn-key Solutions"

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